Products & Services

Business Scope

Our business purpose is to enable organizational decision making by use of technology in all business operations.
By making use of technology, we have contributed positively to the overall business performance of organisations that have engaged our services.
Drawing upon expertise in multiple domains, technologies, tools and platforms, we utilise both industry-standard and innovative proprietary methodologies as well as best
practices to design, develop and deliver practical solutions for our customers

Geospatial Solutions

The GIS industry is ever growing in importance as the world market becomes more acclimated and dependent on location intelligence. Our GIS services cover all the industries viz telecommunications, utilities, financial services, manufacturing, mining, agriculture, tourism, retail etc. We also cover local, national government and NGOs. We believe that delivering the right solutions is function of understanding the clients’ business and so what matters most to us is your business not the technology. We offer four services under the GIS business unit.

Service Areas
  • GIS Consultancy
  • Geoanalytics Consultancy
  • Geomarketing Consultancy
  • Data Services

Business Solutions

Business intelligence (BI) is a set of theories, methodologies, processes, architectures, and technologies that transform raw data into meaningful and useful information for business purposes. BI can handle large amounts of information to help identify and develop new opportunities. Making use of new opportunities and implementing an effective strategy can provide a competitive market advantage and long-term profitability.

Service Areas
  • Business Analytics
  • Data Mining
  • ETL Services
  • Knowledge Services

Data Services

A well-known nightmare for any organisation is systems integration. Systems integration is getting more complex to the point where companies are looking for integrating GIS with every system within the organisation for better visualisation, management, and operation. Our highly trained team in GIS sees the GIS integration nightmare as a challenge to meet. Working tightly together with customers to establish best results in GIS integrations allows us to meet the customers' business requirements.

Service Areas
  • Systems Integration
  • BI & ERP Solutions
  • Visualisation Tools
  • Multi-platform Solutions